A machine breakdown can cripple production, 因此,维修团队需要24/7的更换部件,他们不能等待供应商. 不过,尽管这样的系统有助于快速修复故障,但也占用了资金和空间. MRO的仓库里堆满了可能永远不会使用的部件,库存成本上升.

Today, 具有前瞻性的制造商希望通过供应链管理系统,在降低库存成本的同时,提供必要的零部件供应,从而优化MRO供应链采购流程. 可靠的供应商和较短的交货期对于在不影响生产的情况下节约成本至关重要.

Increasing confidence in MRO supply processes

The ATS Supply Chain & 采购程序是一种确保关键备件能够快速获得的MRO供应方法, even for aging and obsolete machinery. By reviewing supplier portfolios, our program strives to get you the best possible pricing on your MRO inventory. Our emergency MRO procurement services operate 24/7, 导致较短的平均维修时间-使您的机器回到服务有限的生产力损失.

Finding value in the MRO purchasing process

MRO采购流程为增值、效率和精简提供了许多机会. Be sure to take steps such as creating clear and concise RFPs during the bid process; investigating the benefits and transparency of high-quantity RFPs for pricing structures; and developing the relationships with suppliers that can lead to mutually beneficial agreements such as spend commitments, rebates, training offers, crib crawls and more.

还要注意的是,RFP和投标过程应该很少(如果有的话)只关注价格. By considering ancillary benefits such as those mentioned above, 并专注于那些能够提供无形而又无价的模范服务的供应商, 通过简单的价格比较,你可以发现利润的长期收益,而这可能不会立即显现出来.

Precise procurement to extend equipment life

As machines age and manufacturers disappear, 寻找备件变成了一个真正的挑战——似乎新机器是唯一的选择. But ATS procurement specialists are experts at sourcing those hard-to-find parts. We’ve licensed more than 400 legacy components from a range of machine manufacturers. This helps keep vital machinery in-service and preserves capital for other needs. If the parts can’t be found, our supply chain management services offer 3D printing as an innovative alternative.

Saving money, improving machine availability

Supply Chain & Procurement services apply best practices to your MRO supply chain management system. 作为一个独立的项目来实施,以减少开支和提高平均维修时间,或与365体育app下载的其他MRO资产管理服务相结合,以实现更大的积极影响您的制造性能.